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How CSOs Can Avoid the Shadow of a Cyber Security Groundhog Day

Security threat is difficult to keep up as it has turned into a consistent game of whack-a-mole. When there is a new threat appears, you attempt your best to resolve it and yet another shows up; not to mention the impact of the most recent security breach or compromise will always be taunting them.

Break the Cycle

If the IT security leaders ever wish to put an end in looking into the shadows and break the cycle, their attitude towards security must change. This is the time to improve security and emerge shadow-free with some of the best practices from the cyber security professionals:

  • Be proactive: Most people only realize the importance of security when threats occur. The right solutions should be in place to protect your network at the edge before the security threats occur. It is not enough to just attempting to stop the ongoing threats as they happen as there might be opportunity to be overwhelmed and something will pass through.

  • Protect your network and apps: Your network environment should have enough protection from the DDoS attacks. Consider the right solutions which is able to reveal the threats hidden in the SSL-encrypted traffic, it will definitely assist you in mitigate the same threats or attacks repeatedly.

  • Create and enforce a strong security policy: The hardcopy document is more valuable than an unenforced security policy. It is the responsibility of the end users, employees and yourself on the security policies that great deal of time and money has been invested to draft out.

  • Train your users: Users education and awareness of security knowledge is important. For example, what’s the right approach to maintain strong password credential across accounts. Why two-factor authentication is important? How to identify a phishing email? How encryption tunneling helps to protect the data?

  • Test and assess: The network and system must be tested to assist in revealing any potential weaknesses Many has misunderstanding that problem doesn’t exist if you have not witnessed it yet. To avoid the repetitive cycle of fighting threats, the network and system should be examined regularly.

These simple steps above could help the security leaders to avoid seeing the shadow and continue dealing with longer period of bad security in their environment.

To prevent further exploits as well as infrastructure compromised by cyber attacks, we have to deploy the right security solutions that could defend the environment in real time.

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