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Increase efficiency through optimized IT operations and accelerated technology availability.


We provide client-centric, data-driven IT Support Services across multiple vendors, delivered through our innovative digital capabilities and deep technical expertise. This gives you higher availability, reduced operational complexity, and improves the return on your IT assets – freeing your IT staff to focus on innovation and transformation. Here in ECode, we help to accelerate technology availability and reduce operational complexity.

Areas of Expertise


We provide a quality, end-to-end client experience that accelerates your time to value and delivers faster response and remediation when there’s an incident.


Our omnichannel communications platform gives you access to our skilled engineers as and when you need them. Our Service Plans offer many coverage options so you can deliver the right level of support by device, technology, and location.

  • Remote Support

  • Onsite Support

  • Advanced Hardware Loaner Service


We proactively handle many of your standard IT processes, freeing up valuable staff and management time to devote to innovation. Take advantage of our modular services, giving you the flexibility and support you need, while reducing your total operating costs.

  • Availability and Capacity Monitoring

  • IT Integration Services

  • Service Delivery Assurance


We coordinate incident-related activities and provide technical incident management. This simplifies and improves your overall service management process for assets under a third-party support contract.

Third Party Incident Coordination means that you no longer need to worry about the coordination and management of third-party maintenance providers. We establish who needs to resolve the incident and ensure that it’s rectified to your satisfaction.

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